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3 Minute VBC

First impressions are key to any business's success. The 3-minute VBC is a great way to tell everyone who you are and what you do in an entertaining and emotional way. This video works great for homepages on websites and social media pages.


There is simply no better way to tell your business story than through the use of video. A Mini-Doc can be great to show off your business as well as build hype around it. Mini-Docs are great for your "About Us" page and especially great for social media as they tend to get shared with friends and family.


There's nothing more powerful than a good review.

Imagine the power of actually seeing the reviewer as well as hear their honest words about why they love your company. It allows any new customer to resonate with the testimonial while building credibility. These videos work great for your reviews page as well as social media.

Business Events

It's impossible to show off your event to those who have never been to an event you have hosted. Now that's changed. When you hire us, you get 2 videographers filming your entire event then cutting all of that footage down to 1 minute showing all of the highlights of your event. These videos work great for social media as it builds excitement while people imagine themselves at one of your events.  

Drone Work

Drones can be great for giving your customers a unique perspective in a way traditional cameras can not. With a certified FAA drone license, we are able to capture aerial photos & videos without you ever having to worry about legal troubles.  


Headshots Kaye Shaw 6.png

Whether it's for Gmail, Facebook, or your about page, you need a professional headshot. Your headshot is one of your first impressions to your customer which is why it is so important to come across as professional and trustworthy. Headshots are great for representing yourself forms of communication and your website.

Property Videos

While photos are great, nothing can really show off a house like a video. Property videos are a great way to show a potential buyer all of the value of a given property without having to give house tours in person. Property videos are great for websites and social media.  

Hype Videos

Hype videos can be a great way to inspire your team, bring more of a crowd to your games, and once the season is over it's a great way to never forget your team. Hype videos are amazing for social media and for playing on the jumbotron before your games. 


Vlogs (Video Blogs) are an amazing way to infuse personality with your brand. Vlogs allow you to show who you are and what you do. More RAW, Vlogs give your viewers a window into what you are like. Vlogs are great for social media and your blog. 

Graphics Ad

Showing what separates your business from the rest has never been easier than through the use of graphics. Professional graphics on top of 4k video showing off your business is a great way to give your customers a call to action. This video works great for homepages on websites and social media pages.

Lifestyle Video

As a business, its extremely important to show your customers who you are and what you stand for. Lifestyle video are great to make your business stand out and build a brand around your company. These videos work great for your "About Us" page as well as social media. 

Announcement Video

Short and to the point, 30-second announcement videos are a great way to tell your customers about a new service you are adding. These videos work great as the let your customers know your new service but also remind them about your company. Amazing for social media as many of your customers will share the video making your reach even larger.

Event Testimonials

Usually, an add on to the Business Event, event testimonials are a great way to build trust with your customers. While filming for the 1-minute edit, we will pull a couple of people aside to give their opinion of the event. We will then use all of the footage we have gathered for the 1-minute edit and play those clips as the person is talking about how great your event is. These videos work great on the reviews page on your website.

Welcome Emails

Short and simple, video welcome emails are a great way to start a good relationship with your new client. These videos also work great for giving out information to the client in an easily digestible way. Works best when embedding the video with all of your welcome emails. 

Event Photography

100th Birthday! (119 of 222).jpg

Photos showcasing your event can be extremely powerful. Whether it's for your website or your social media sharing high-quality images showing people at your event builds credibility with your customers. Great for your portfolio and especially great for Instagram.

Video Podcast

3 4k Cameras cutting back in forth to bring life to your podcast. While the audio-only podcast is great, adding video can be a great way for your listeners to feel more connected to your podcast and you as a person. Video podcast works great for Youtube or like in the example above can be cut into multiple clips to catch people's attention on social media.

Banner Photos

Emma Seniors FINAL jpg.jpg
Sarah Joyner.png

Banner Photos are a great way to add some personality to your stadium. You can quickly show the visitors who come to your gym who you are. Banner Photos are great for stadium decorations as well as home decorations for parents to always remember their star athlete. 

Concert Videos

Concert Videos are an amazing way to build hype around your concert. Showing your audience what they can expect at your concert with the use of drones, gimbals, and 4k footage to really show off your concert. Concert videos are great for social media as well as your website.

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