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Shred the impossible

Kyle Carpenter, the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, travels to Alabama to meet with the Wake for Warriors organization. An organization that gives back to our injured veterans by teaching them how to surf behind a boat. Watch as each perticapent goes through the highs and lows that come with learning any skill to see if they can overcome their unique challanges.

10th Alive Day

Kyle Carpenter celebrates the 10 year anniversary since his life changing injury he sustained in Afghanistan. Kyle jumped on a Grendade to save his fellow Marines and amazingly survived. He spent 3 years in the hospital and continued to fight for his life. Now, Kyle is not only back to normal, he is better than ever before. Watch as he shows people what the human potential is capable of. 

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Being a Link 

Paulette Croshoine, the Founder of Cancer of Many Colors shares her journey with Cancer and her life mission to make the lives of others dealing with Cancer as easy as possible. Watch as we hear from the people Paulette has helped as well as the way she has effected her community

River Baptism

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Newspring Church creativly held baptisms in the River in Columbia, SC. This short Mini-doc shows the life changing experience of those who participated.

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You Are Worth It

After releasing his first book "You Are Worth It" Kyle Carpenter re-unites with some of his fellow Marines in Washington D.C. Get a behind the scenes look at what a book tour looks like and see the impact Kyle has had on others. 

Meeting an Idol

Kyle Carpenter travels all of the way to Montana to meet one of his Idol's, Andy Stumpf. We follow his journey finding unexpected surprises along the way and watch as he spreeds his message of positivity to others. 

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