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Kyle Carpenter

In October of 2019, Kyle Carpenter and Ben Sauls created a youtube channel to share his journey with the release of his new book "You Are Worth It" and help spread positivity to others. All of the videos below were shot and edited by Ben Sauls.

Wake for Warriors 2023
Introduction: You Are Worth It

Introduction: You Are Worth It

Introduction: You Are Worth It "...On a more personal level, you are worth whatever you want to invest in yourself. You are worth pushing through whatever is holding you back, whatever challenges you are facing, whatever seemingly insurmountable odds are staring back at you. You are worth pursuing the happiness you search for when you look in the mirror. I am worth it, too, and that is why I fought to rebuild my life into something even greater than it was before a grenade changed everything for me. It might seem natural to divide my life into two parts, before the explosion and after, but that would give the bad guy who wanted to kill me too much power over my story. I am about so much more than that one moment. The explosion is simply one event in a lifetime of events, all of which have shaped me, changed me, made me grow, and made me who I am. And the life I am living now -- even as I am continuing to build it -- is one I love. I am worth it, And so are you." I look forward to sharing some of my favorite parts and chapters of my book with you over the next few months! You Are Worth It Instagram Shot & Edited by Ben Sauls TIMESTAMPS 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Bobby 1:40 - Thank you for your service 2:40 - You Are Worth It 5:57 - You are worth what you want to invest in yourself
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