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Professional Video Production

South Carolina


BSP is a production company with over ten years of experience producing content for people and businesses all throughout the southeast. We specialize in telling emotional stories that are engaging, and insightful. The videos are used to give viewers a new perspective on a specific person or business.

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Promotional Videos

First impressions are key to any business's success. The VBC....

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There's nothing more powerful than a good

review. Imagine if...

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Hype videos can be a great way to inspire your team, bring more of...


Real Estate

Video & Photo marketing for real estate has become one of the #1 ways to sell homes...

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Documentaries are the best way to convey a story in a real and powerful...

Drone Work

Drones have the ability to show a perspective unlike any...

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Showing what separates your business from the rest has never been more...

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It's impossible to show off your event to those who have never...

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"Growing up, I loved playing sports and spent almost all of my time outside. After a knee injury that prevented my ability to walk properly for 4 months, I spent a lot of time watching videos that would make me feel happy, inspired, and emotional.

I fell in love with the ability video had to evoke an emotion in me. From that point on..."


“Even though he is not on staff here, I consider Ben Sauls the official videographer for The Cooperative Ministry and my work to build awareness of our organizational mission to serve the working poor in our community. I can explain my communication vision to Ben and then completely trust him to bring it to life through video. He is not afraid to make suggestions that will make my projects even better than I can imagine. He has the